Organic Arugula Salad

Arugula, Parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese, bell peppers, pear, avocado and parsley. Dressing made with roasted cherry tomatoes, olive oil and herbs.

Organic Market Salad

Caesar Salad

(Per person)Caesar salad has had a following ever since the late 1920´s.The original recipe created by two Italian brothers, Alex and Cesar Cardini in their Tijuana restaurant. Proudly prepared at your table.


Soup of the Day, Bisque or Chowder

(U-10) Cold, shelled, served with a dipping cocktail sauce, laced with horseradish.

Aztec Soup

A traditional tortilla soup, made with organic chicken broth garnished with guajillo peppers, fresh regional cheese, avocado, epazote and sour cream.


Over ½ lb. of Jumbo Shrimp

(U-10) Cold, shelled, served with a dipping cocktail sauce, laced with horseradish.

Abalone Carpaccio

Abalone juice, olive oil, mustard, onion and oregano. Dressing with basil infusion and red pepper infusion.

Tuna Carpaccio

Capers, habanero chile, lime, red onions, arugula, olive oil and pepper.

Grilled Fresh Fish Tacos

(4) Lettuce, avocado sauce, black beans, mint, cilantro and epazote.

Grilled Rib Eye Tacos

Tuna Tartar Tacos

(4) Lettuce, ginger, garlic, chay, green pepper, onion, cilantro, habanero pepper, olive oil, sesame seeds.

Lobster Taquitos, Puerto Nuevo Style

(4) Flour tortillas, pinto beans, red rice, lettuce, cherry tomates, guajillo sauce, sur cream and cilantro.

Burritas Baja

(2) Beef in flour tortillas. Traditional dish from the Baja Peninsula.

Quesadillas Tres Marias

Red corn tortilla, filled with shrimp and cheese green corn tortilla, filled with zucchini blossoms, epazote and cheese white, corn tortilla with flax seeds. Filled with rib eye steak and cheese.


Vanilla Ice Cream

with Chocolate Sauce

Corn Tamal

with Vanilla Ice Cream

Pineapple Pie

with Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Fondant

with Vanilla Ice Cream

Bananas Flambé

with Vanilla Ice Cream

Home Made Flan

Edith's Favorites

Tampiqueña with Center Cut Beef Fillet

A combination of Mesquite grilled cut Fillet Mignon, chicken enchilada covered with a red guajillo sauce and a cheese quesadilla with zucchini blossom, garnished with a chipotle and requeson sauce, red rice, pinto beans and guacamole.

Scampi Jumbo Shrimp & Pasta

(U-8) A delicious combination based on large fresh shrimp sautéed with garlic, butter, white wine, lime juice, parsley and basil.

Wally´s Special

Wally, a great friend of Edith´s wants it all, grilled lobster, garlic laced butterflied shrimp and catch-of the-day. Served with a baked potato & our grilled garden vegetables and a spinach & butter.

Baja Style Shrimp

(U-8) A Baja classic; large butterflied shrimp, grilled & smothered in a garlic sauce, served with Pacific rice, beans, tomatoes, avocado and basil.

Grilled Fresh Fish (Catch of the day)

Over a bed of steamed spinach. Served with mashed potatoes and grilled seasonal vegetables.

Organic Chicken & Green Pipian Mole

This dish has been present for many generations in the mountains of Guerrero and is meant to bring families together. This mole is made with pumpkin seeds, tomatillo, garlic, onion, cilantro, epazote, radish leaves. Served with zucchini and a black bean tamale.

Miraflores Mesquite Grill

Rib Eye Hamburger US CAB with Cheddar Cheese

Grilled patty with avocado, lettuce, tomato and red onions. Served with french fries, ketchup and Dijon mustard.

Tuna or Chicken Fajitas

Sautéed with onions, poblano peppers and tomatoes. Served with guacamole, red rice, beans, sour cream and flour tortillas.

Chicken Breast

Marinated with olive oil, garlic, red onion, basil, chipotle, cilantro, and tomato. Served with baked potatoes and grilled seasonal vegetables.


New York Cut Steak over a Pound

US CAB, served with baked potatoes and grilled vegetables or mashed potatoes with Truffle oil, mushroom gravy and grilled seasonal vegetables.

Rib Eye Over a Pound

Filet Miñon

US CAB, Mesquite grilled, served with mashed potatoes infused with Truffle oil, mushroom gravy garnished with fresh steamed asparagus, spinach and carrots with Parmesan cheese.

Baja Fresh Catch of the Day

Steamed Lobster 200 gr. & Scampi Shrimp

Shrimp cooked with garlic, butter, white wine, lemon juice, parsley. Served with Pacific rice , spinach and Parmesan cheese.

Imperial Jumbo Shrimp

(U-10) Stuffed shrimp with jalapeño and cheese wrapped in bacon and covered with chipotle and cheese sauce, drizzled with Jalapeño chutney. Served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.

Breaded Jumbo Shrimp

(U-10) Served with French fries, a red cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. This dish is in honor of the restaurant “Estela´s by the Sea” Now Edith´s restaurant, where Chef Edith worked 40 years ago as a waitress.

Scampi Jumbo Shrimp

(U-8) A delicious achievement based on large fresh shrimp, sautéed with garlic, butter, white wine, lime and parsley. Served with Pacific rice, asparagus, spinach, carrots and Parmesan cheese.

Baja Style Shrimp

(U -8)  A Baja classic, large butterflied shrimp, grilled & smothered in our garlic sauce. Served with Pacific rice, beans, tomato, avocado and basil.

Cajun Tun

Served with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and papaya sauce.

Fish ¨Veracruz¨ Style

Chunks of fresh catch of the day, prepared on a sauce made with olive oil, garlic, chile guero, onions, poblano peppers, tomatoes, olives and fine herbs served with steamed white rice.

Mexican Dishes

Tampiqueña with Center Cut Beef Filet

A combination of Mesquite grilled cut Filet Mignon, Chicken enchilada covered with a red guajillo chile sauce Cheese quesadilla with zucchini blossom, garnished with chipotle and requeson sauce, red rice, pinto beans and guacamole.

Pancho Villa

A combination of grilled organic chicken breast, a Poblano pepper stuffed with three cheeses, battered and fried and a beef enchilada smothered in a roasted tomatillo sauce served with red rice, pinto beans, guacamole and fried plantains.

Stuffed Pepper with Beef & Three Cheeses

Poblano pepper stuffed with three cheeses and ground beef. Served with red rice, pinto beans and guacamole.

Beef Fillet Enchiladas in a Roasted Tomatillo Sauce

Organic Chicken Enchiladas in a Guajillo Sauce

Organic Chicken with Pipian Green Mole