Dinner Menu


The Orchards of the Todos Santos oasis have traditionally supplied vegetables to the Cape region, happily, nowadays some varieties are grown that, up to a few years ago, here were completely unknown.

Proudly prepared at your table, for two or more diners, according to the original recipe from the Caesar's Hotel in Tijuana, probably the best known dish originating in Baja.

An anthology of the greens and vegetables grown organically in the region of Pescadero & Todos Santos, washed only with purified water. Ask your waiter about our family salad.

Coqueta “flirt” Salad
A fresh explosion of flavors to the palate.
From the farms in Miraflores town, cultivated with fresh spring waters of the local mountains, baby organic lettuce and a potpourri of the freshest diced seasonal fruits , cover with a honey, gringer, hibiscus flowers liquor, Dijon mustard and other fine herbs... from chef Jesus.


The difference between soups and outright stews is very subtle, if any, in Baja cooking, so we have limited ourselves to offering those ideally suited to start your meal.

Aztec Soup
A traditional tortilla soup, garnished with roast dried guajillo peppers, cheese & avocado.

Today's Soup, Bisque or Chowder
Depending on the freshest produce from the orchards of Todos Santos or the catch of the day in Punta Lobos; different every day. Your waiter will gladly inform you.

Choice of Dressings
Extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar; Ranch; Italian; Thousand islands; Blue cheese.


Special cheese turnovers
Hand- patted corn or wheat flour tortillas, cooked on the griddle and stuffed with cheese, fresh mushrooms, red bell peppers and bacon.

Cheese turnovers
The hand- made tortillas, be they corn or flour, together with the regional cheese, make these unique.

Zucchini bud turnovers
Available only when the zucchini flower buds are in season.

Fish fingers
The freshness of our local fish, sealed in breaded chunks with a dipping side of tartar sauce.

Over 1/2 lb. of shrimp
Cold, shelled and served with a dipping cocktail sauced laced with horseradish.